Saturday, September 25, 2010

the unfashionable loves fashion

one of the things i really enjoy doing is to watch tv series.  i used to watch tv a lot but when i discovered the power of downloading, i said good bye to tv and hello to laptop-viewing.  sometimes when my most coveted tv series are un-downloadable, i turn to buying pirated dvds.  haha!

i have observed that etc (a local tv channel) is a good source of new tv series.  my recent discovery is the rachel zoe project.  i knew about rachel zoe from perez hilton's website.  as a person, she's not that interesting because she's not as crazy as the kardashians but i guess it's her job and the world she lives in that has captured my attention.  

i would definitely be out of place in the fashion world.  everybody looks fab and fierce.  women are well put together, not a strand of hair out of place.  i like that.  i find it amusing.  i'm not a fashionista.  of course, since i live a low key life, i dress the part.  so there's a mismatch there.  i love looking at fashion but i-am-not-fasyon!.  haha.

high heels would sometimes go well with the dress i'm wearing but i would settle for flats because it's more comfortable.  i would choose flats even if it decreases the attire's wow factor.  lol!  i guess for me, comfort comes before vanity.  

what about you, would you prefer fashion over comfort?

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