Thursday, September 9, 2010

are you gonna be like my dad?

i am pissed and frustrated at my boyfriend.  he and i both know that his job sucks.  he earns barely enough and his company treats its employees like school kids.  he keeps on saying that he will find another job when he is irritated at work.  but i don't see him doing something about it.  i mean, if your work sucks, FIND ANOTHER JOB!  

i am also irritated that he is clinging to his office friends.  he has friends who transferred to company x.  he said he hates the nature of his current work, saying that it is not his cup of tea.  he wants to go into programming, yada, yada, yada.  but holy crap, why does he keep on blabbing about company x where his work will be the same.

since he said he hates his current job and wants to pursue a career in programming, i searched for programming jobs.  i sent his resume and he got an invitation to come in for an exam.  but to my frustration, he always has an excuse not to go.  i mean, you're not even sure you would get the job.  what's wrong with just trying it out?

just a few minutes ago, i got a message from him that he and his office friends are planning to apply to this company y which is into programming.  well now, he is considering to apply.  and why?!  because his friends are also applying!  i want explode!  i am so angry, tears are welling up in my eyes.

if i don't hold my tongue, i think i'm gonna lose it.  if only he can read this, i wanna say this:  i don't want you to turn out to be just like my dad who can't stand on his own.  who instead of doing something to improve the situation is too lazy to even do something.  and i don't want to end up just like my mother who takes on the lead role in the family.  who shouldered all the burden in the family because he has a husband she can't depend on.

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