Wednesday, September 15, 2010

virtual businesswoman

exactly a year ago, i was very much into fb games.  i had farmville, farmtown, pet society, restaurant city, etc.  i can't remember what the other games were.  now, i'm getting hooked again!  lol!

a few of my officemates are playing chocolatier, bar society, and fashion world.  i got curious and viola, i'm part of the bandwagon.  it's a good stress reliever i think.  but it kills a lot of time.  i used to just play fb games when i get home from work.  i'm not as addicted as before but i play when i'm free.  i don't actually log into fb that often but because of the games, i log on almost everyday.  haha!

well, i guess it's kinda interesting because i get to manage businesses.  i feel like a powerful businesswoman handling multiple businesses that are all raking in a lot of cash!  when will this happen in real life!? :)

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