Thursday, September 9, 2010

why is it my low key life?

i wanted to remain anonymous so i picked out a name for my blog that couldn't possibly be associated with me.  unlike people i know who display their urls in their ym or facebook pages, i'd like to keep my thoughts to myself.  well, i  understand these people.  
......some are blogging non-personal suff.  they don't spill their emotions or their thoughts online so they wouldn't really care who stumbles upon their blog.  
......some are living (or projecting) to live a rainbow-britey-kind-of-life where everything is pleasant and oozing with wonder.  these people i detest.  comm'on!  be true to yourself.
.....some choose to restrain their emotions and thoughts and write only about positive or neutral things in their lives.

but me?  i want to be free.  free to open up and write about my rants, my raves, and anything in between.  

i have a very low key life.  unlike others who can post "interesting" fb status almost every minute of their lives, i live a normal, boring, uneventful life.  and this is what's i'm going to blog about. :)


  1. Hi,

    I kind of like your way of anonymous blogging. Its true that you want share many things but dont want people reading those to know who you are.

    May be I will also think of it. But did you come across any time when some one recognized , by ur blog.



  2. hi jav! thanks for visiting my blog.

    my previous blog was such a give away. there were actually instances when people whom i'm not really closed to, came across my blog and recognized that it was me. this is one of the reasons why i chose to create a new blog.

    i'm going to visit your blog.

  3. hi there. you made an interesting, same thing here. i blog to earn at least, but i also put up an anonymous blog solely for the purpose of venting out my sick emotions, insanity, rants, whatever negative thoughts i have. it has become my secret diary.. still a secret because even though it can be read by anyone no one knows i'm the author. it's like a therapy for me.

  4. hi avatarlady! i agree. blogging anonymously is a good therapy. it's easier to express our thoughts and our emotions, good and bad, when we are invisible. it's sort of protecting people who know us and whom we care for i guess.