Thursday, September 16, 2010

work feels like work

familiar with the saying, find a job that you love and you won't have to work a single day in your life?  i really wish i got into a career path that i love so i won't have to feel like a slave everyday.

i'm losing interest in my work.  i used to really put in a lot of effort at work.  i don't mind staying late and i work on weekends even.  i don't enjoy it but it was something that i was ok with.  now, i don't enjoy it period.  i'm still a hardworker because that's one of my innate qualities.  when i'm doing something, i try to give it my best shot even if it's something that i don't want to do.  except sports that is.  i absolutely hate sports.  when i have to play ball or whatever kind of sport during office olympics, i really get surly.  but i digress.  i'm losing interest at work because i don't feel that i'm reaping the fruits of my labor.  i want to get promoted and i want the salary increase that goes with it.

i'm actually due for transfer since i've been 2 years in my current role already.  so i really hope that when i get to move to a new role, it will be something that i will be exceptionally good at, something that i will enjoy, something where there will be more direction in terms of career path, and a huge salary increase!  haha. 

how about you?  do you enjoy your work?

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