Saturday, September 18, 2010

cheap and fake

i went to a flea market today and bought fake LV and Mango bags.  haha.  i don't look like someone who can afford to buy an LV bag but what the heck.  i wouldn't even try to pretend that my fake bag is a real thing. i bought it because it's cheap, even cheaper than unbranded bags.  and i find it cute.  i like the color, the size, and the shape. :)

there are a lot of shoes and clothes.  i kept on trying shoes on display but in my mind, i was thinking that the next shop would probably offer a better deal.  i kept on moving from one shop to another and i ended up without a single pair of shoes on hand.  haha.  

i still prefer the local flea market compared to the ones i've been to in hong kong.  it's still cheaper and there's more variety.  i wanted to take pictures so i can post it here but i'm scared of pickpockets so i didn't bring a camera.

i want to go back to the flea market again.  maybe some time next, next week.  the place is huge and i think i only covered about 25% of the shops.  i want to see more cheap and fake stuff.  flea market i will be back! 

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