Tuesday, September 14, 2010

true blo(od)g

i love reading blogs that show the true blood of their authors.  i am entertained by bloggers who share a part of themselves - whether good or bad.  when i read happy moments in their lives, i feel inspired.  when i read about the negative stuffs, i don't mind because these are the real deal.

i also enjoy blogs that are so impersonal but not as much as i enjoy true blood blogs.  well, for me, impersonal blogs would include those blogs that only focus on writing reviews - movie reviews, restaurant reviews, gadgets, fashion, make-up etc.  owners of such blogs don't share anything about themselves.  actually, they write about everything except about them. :)

i have been reading a lot of true blood blogs lately.  i appreciate their honesty.  i might not know them personally.  i might not even like them or feel comfortable around them if i knew them in real life.  but they feed my curiosity.  they are my escape from reality boredom.   

how about you?  do you have a true blood blog or an impersonal one?

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