Thursday, September 9, 2010

who's your homie?

people who don't know me would immediately conclude that i am a snob.  i can't blame them since i look like a snob.  i don't have the angelic and naive type of face that we normally see in teen magazines.  sometimes, when i feel like it, i smile at people i don't even know.  but usually, i just sport an i-don't-give-a-damn-look. 

it's not that i intentionally want to intimidate people.  it's just that i am not that interested in people.  i don't feel the need to accumulate friends.  actually, i find it completely strange when people particularly in facebook, add people they don't even know.  i mean what's the point?  i think it is utterly useless and i find it annoying.   

i don't feel the need to be famous or to know almost everybody in the neighborhood or in the office or wherever i might be.  what i need is to be close to the people who matter to me.  people who will be a part of my life after i have moved houses, transferred to a different job, or migrated to a different planet. :)

because i live a low key life, i am fine with the small circle of friends that i have.  these are the people i have and intend to maintain deep and long lasting relationships with.

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