Thursday, September 9, 2010

my new home

i have been blogging since 2006 but i have "abandoned" my previous blog. it was too obvious and i wanted to remain as anonymous as i can be. i want to be honest when i blog and i am more comfortable being honest if i'm anonymous. yeah, yeah, i'm a chicken like that.

i have also toyed with the idea of deleting my abandoned blog but just couldn't. i have spent so much time in that blog and i have to admit it has sentimental value. i was younger and i wrote a lot of useless stuff - some funny, some plainly uninteresting. there were painful memories too.

i tried to create other blogs after i abandoned my original blog but i have deleted them all. i'm not as a consistent blogger as i was before. but lately, i am feeling a little urge to blog again. just a little but maybe i'd be more motivated to blog this time.

well, this is it! i have found my new home.

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