Tuesday, December 7, 2010

no news

i want to post something.  but it is difficult to write anything when you're uninspired.   

Monday, October 25, 2010

work sucks but i need the bucks

i mentioned before that i'm job hunting within the company.  well, unfortunately i was informed last friday that i didn't get the role i applied for.  the email was actually well-written.  it said i was a possible candidate and i had potential for the role but due to the stringent requirement for the role they have to look elsewhere.  i guess that's a good way of saying it rather than not even bothering to let me know that i didn't get the job.

i'm a bit bummed but what can i do.  that job was not for me.  i knew it was not a right fit for me.  hell, they were looking for someone who had background in statistics not just research.  i used to be a researcher but i am perfectly clueless about stat so that's just it.  i wanted my way out of this dumpster but suffice it to say, that that role was not my ticket out.

i'm annoyed than usual about my role.  actually, the actual work is okay.  i can deal with and i am actually good in it.  what annoys me are the people i work with.  the manipulative bitches who suck the life out of me.  the scheming third-rate team leads who got to their position simply because of seniority.

i feel exploited by these assholes.  they exploit my skills and yet they don't have any intention of recognizing my contributions.  urgh!  i hate you all!  i'm sick of your faces.  if only i can get away with it, you will leave the office today black and blue with your hair falling off  your heads.

hahaha.  i think i should enroll myself in anger management class.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

my rebonded hair

i lurve my rebonded hair.  haha.  it's super straight and shiny.  i don't have to spend a lot of time fixing my hair in the morning.  it's actually wash and wear.  i just dry it using the electric fan and i'm good to go.  yes electric fan.  i am not a fan of blow dryer.  haha!


skills exploitation

i felt exploited at work this week.  my boss is not very good when it comes to writing.  i am not a good writer but so far i'm the best in the team.  

anyway, they wanted to nominate a project for the upcoming project management awards and they had to come up with a write up for the project.  i was extremely busy because it was a peak season at work but they asked for my help and i did.

i had nothing to gain from that write up.  my name would not even see the light of day in that nomination.  if ever the project wins, i will not receive an award because i am not one of the project managers.  i am just a member of the project team.  but because i always strive for excellence i came up with the best write up as i possibly can.  i was not a project manager so there were details that i was not aware of so i felt that i could have come up with a better write up than i did but that's beside the point.

the point is, i am always there.  i always help out.  i always contribute more than what is expected.  i always deliver excellent results.  i always have good ideas.  BUT i don't think i am given what i deserve.  work sucks.  i freakin' hate it.

against all odds

my bf and i got into some kind of a fight last night.  my friend texted me about wanting to introduce me to someone.  unfortunately, my bf saw the text message and of course he immediately felt bad.  it was an awful situation.  i was prepared to have a date night with him because it was a friday but the night turned sour.

i don't know what my friend was thinking.  she knew i was in a relationship and she even met my bf.  i knew that she wasn't as enthusiastic about him but i did not expect her to behave like that.  i understand her.  i know that she is looking out for me.  just like my mom who does not like my bf as well.  

i know they would love him because he really is good-natured but they don't know that.  their primary concern is how good of a provider he will be in the future.  he's not irresponsible i can say that.  but i don't know how to say it but i agree that his earning capacity is not that impressive.  he can earn money but not enough, not at par with how much i earn that is.

anyway, my bf felt awful until this morning.  i wanted to be as patient would him as i can but this morning i snapped at him.  i understand that he felt bad but i don't want him to take it out on me.  

everything is ok now.  i know that he would still think about it.  i want them to be in good terms so i would have to come up with a good lie to cover for my friend.  i understand them both.  

things will get better i know.  i still have high hopes that eventually my bf will be successful and all these question about him would be put to rest.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

my tony and jackey experience

i'm happy with how my rebond turned out.  i can recommend tony and jackey for those who want to have their hair rebonded.  i got the l'oreal package which costs 5,000 pesos.  it includes hair treatment, hair rebond, hair manicure, and hair cut.  it's expensive considering that there are salons who offer rebond for half the price but i i'm more comfortable to entrust my hair to a reputable salon.  

the whole process took 4hours.  it sounds like a long time but i had fun watching people having their hair cuts so i didn't notice the time.  each of the treatments take 20 mins.  it was the rinsing and the blowdrying that took longer.  for those who are curious, the process is like this:  hair treatment - rebond -hair iron - neutralizer - hair manicure - hair cut.  the hair manicure is actually just like cellophane.  unfortunately, they only have two colors for the cellophane - black and dark brown so i opted for the dark brown.  i actually wanted a more visible color but that would just have to wait.  that would be my next hair project.  haha.

after the rebond, the hair is really flat and very soft.  it actually looks just like my normal hair but better.  haha.  i didn't wash it for two days which was the instruction.  today, i finally washed it but only used conditioner.  tomorrow, i will use shampoo because it's a bit too oily now.  haha.  

all in all, i am happy i chose tony and jackey.  i am satisfied with how my hair looks.  it doesn't look fake like the rebonded hair that i often see.  it's soft and shiny.  i can actually be a hair model now.  haha.

i'm sure a lot of ladies are researching about rebond so if you come across my blog, i hope this post helps.

instant ayos!

i finally had my hair rebonded!  wohoo!  after almost a year of talking about it, planning about it, obsessing about it, i conquered my fears and went ahead with it.  i'm a bit paranoid when it comes to my hair.  when i was in college, i went to the salon to get the edgy haircut that was "in" at that time.  and i went out of the salon looking like a boy.  even justin bieber had longer hair/bangs than i did at that time.  haha.

i digress.  well, the real story is about the rebond.  i have straight hair but i want a commercial-ready straight hair and i knew that in my case, the way to get that is to have my hair rebonded.  about 6 years ago, when i didn't know about rebond (which probably already already existed but was too expensive for a low key person like me), i straightened my already straight hair.  haha.  the result was fantastic.  not a strand out of place.  i loved it.  i was actually planning to just straighten my hair again just like i did 6 years ago but according to the salons i've been to, i can't do it yet because of my highlights.  it might burn my hair.  so that's a big X!

i digress again.  haha.  so, i went to tony and jackey which is a korean salon.  they have a promo package for hair rebond.  there are a lot of salons who offer rebond for a much lower price but i opted to do it in a reputable salon because i've heard a lot of horror stories about hair rebond.  the promo package cost me 5,000 pesos by the way.

this post is already too long.  i'll write a new one for my salon experience. :)