Saturday, October 9, 2010

skills exploitation

i felt exploited at work this week.  my boss is not very good when it comes to writing.  i am not a good writer but so far i'm the best in the team.  

anyway, they wanted to nominate a project for the upcoming project management awards and they had to come up with a write up for the project.  i was extremely busy because it was a peak season at work but they asked for my help and i did.

i had nothing to gain from that write up.  my name would not even see the light of day in that nomination.  if ever the project wins, i will not receive an award because i am not one of the project managers.  i am just a member of the project team.  but because i always strive for excellence i came up with the best write up as i possibly can.  i was not a project manager so there were details that i was not aware of so i felt that i could have come up with a better write up than i did but that's beside the point.

the point is, i am always there.  i always help out.  i always contribute more than what is expected.  i always deliver excellent results.  i always have good ideas.  BUT i don't think i am given what i deserve.  work sucks.  i freakin' hate it.

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