Sunday, October 3, 2010

internal job hunting

i applied for an internal job posting a couple of weeks ago.  after a week, i didn't hear from the hiring manager so i told myself that's the end of it.  and then surprisingly, the next day the hiring manager pinged me and told me that he just noticed my application and wanted to check if i'm still interested so i said yes.  we talked the following day.  just an informal chat since i already said everything in my application.  the application is sort of essay-type so that basically almost the interview.

i told my manager about the application after the chat with the hiring manager.  hiring managers ask for feedback from the current manager so i informed my manager.  as it turns out, my manager was surprised about the application.  i don't know if it's an issue but her manager who is my one-up manager asked me about the application.  what the fuck?  my manager does not have the balls to talk to me.  he has to tell his immediate manager about it.  give me a break!  

well, i've already talked to both of them and sorted things out.  i cleared that i am not unhappy (although i really am) and i am just exploring my options for career growth.  it's a lie obviously because i'm sick of my current role already.  well, sick maybe too much but i mean, when you work your ass off, at one point you would ask "what's in it for me?".  there aren't any positions to get promoted so if i'm not going to be promoted then i better take charge of my career right?  i have to look for a place where i can grow.  i ain't working hard for nothing.

insert deep, deep sigh here.  haha.  i want to get promoted!  i want a job where i can be successful.  i. want. to. be. successful.

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