Monday, October 25, 2010

work sucks but i need the bucks

i mentioned before that i'm job hunting within the company.  well, unfortunately i was informed last friday that i didn't get the role i applied for.  the email was actually well-written.  it said i was a possible candidate and i had potential for the role but due to the stringent requirement for the role they have to look elsewhere.  i guess that's a good way of saying it rather than not even bothering to let me know that i didn't get the job.

i'm a bit bummed but what can i do.  that job was not for me.  i knew it was not a right fit for me.  hell, they were looking for someone who had background in statistics not just research.  i used to be a researcher but i am perfectly clueless about stat so that's just it.  i wanted my way out of this dumpster but suffice it to say, that that role was not my ticket out.

i'm annoyed than usual about my role.  actually, the actual work is okay.  i can deal with and i am actually good in it.  what annoys me are the people i work with.  the manipulative bitches who suck the life out of me.  the scheming third-rate team leads who got to their position simply because of seniority.

i feel exploited by these assholes.  they exploit my skills and yet they don't have any intention of recognizing my contributions.  urgh!  i hate you all!  i'm sick of your faces.  if only i can get away with it, you will leave the office today black and blue with your hair falling off  your heads.

hahaha.  i think i should enroll myself in anger management class.

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