Sunday, October 3, 2010

instant ayos!

i finally had my hair rebonded!  wohoo!  after almost a year of talking about it, planning about it, obsessing about it, i conquered my fears and went ahead with it.  i'm a bit paranoid when it comes to my hair.  when i was in college, i went to the salon to get the edgy haircut that was "in" at that time.  and i went out of the salon looking like a boy.  even justin bieber had longer hair/bangs than i did at that time.  haha.

i digress.  well, the real story is about the rebond.  i have straight hair but i want a commercial-ready straight hair and i knew that in my case, the way to get that is to have my hair rebonded.  about 6 years ago, when i didn't know about rebond (which probably already already existed but was too expensive for a low key person like me), i straightened my already straight hair.  haha.  the result was fantastic.  not a strand out of place.  i loved it.  i was actually planning to just straighten my hair again just like i did 6 years ago but according to the salons i've been to, i can't do it yet because of my highlights.  it might burn my hair.  so that's a big X!

i digress again.  haha.  so, i went to tony and jackey which is a korean salon.  they have a promo package for hair rebond.  there are a lot of salons who offer rebond for a much lower price but i opted to do it in a reputable salon because i've heard a lot of horror stories about hair rebond.  the promo package cost me 5,000 pesos by the way.

this post is already too long.  i'll write a new one for my salon experience. :)

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