Sunday, October 3, 2010

my tony and jackey experience

i'm happy with how my rebond turned out.  i can recommend tony and jackey for those who want to have their hair rebonded.  i got the l'oreal package which costs 5,000 pesos.  it includes hair treatment, hair rebond, hair manicure, and hair cut.  it's expensive considering that there are salons who offer rebond for half the price but i i'm more comfortable to entrust my hair to a reputable salon.  

the whole process took 4hours.  it sounds like a long time but i had fun watching people having their hair cuts so i didn't notice the time.  each of the treatments take 20 mins.  it was the rinsing and the blowdrying that took longer.  for those who are curious, the process is like this:  hair treatment - rebond -hair iron - neutralizer - hair manicure - hair cut.  the hair manicure is actually just like cellophane.  unfortunately, they only have two colors for the cellophane - black and dark brown so i opted for the dark brown.  i actually wanted a more visible color but that would just have to wait.  that would be my next hair project.  haha.

after the rebond, the hair is really flat and very soft.  it actually looks just like my normal hair but better.  haha.  i didn't wash it for two days which was the instruction.  today, i finally washed it but only used conditioner.  tomorrow, i will use shampoo because it's a bit too oily now.  haha.  

all in all, i am happy i chose tony and jackey.  i am satisfied with how my hair looks.  it doesn't look fake like the rebonded hair that i often see.  it's soft and shiny.  i can actually be a hair model now.  haha.

i'm sure a lot of ladies are researching about rebond so if you come across my blog, i hope this post helps.

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