Friday, September 17, 2010

tokyo tokyo!

my boyfriend and i had our first date in tokyo, tokyo.  i was very uncomfortable but of course, i had to act that was just cool about it.  i think he felt the same.  we ordered their beef misono with pork tonkatsu sumo meal which was a big bowl of rice topped with beef misono and pork tonkatsu of course!  haha.  it came with two glasses of red iced tea.  so it was perfect for us.

we normally eat out every friday and today was business as usual.  we were really hungry and we chose to eat at tokyo tokyo again.  this is why i remembered our first date.  i had a moment of flashback.  lol!  we ordered the same food but this time i was no longer demure.  haha!  i was really hungry, the food tasted so much better.  i had good servings of rice and beef and pork.  the chopsticks didn't hinder me from eating a lot.  

i think tokyo tokyo is a good place for a relaxed date.  it's stiff and formal like other restaurants.  there are sumo meals that's enough for 2.  and their food is reasonably priced.  our dinner cost only 255 pesos. with that i guess i can give it 4 out of 5 spoons errr...chopsticks.

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