Saturday, September 11, 2010

wedding bills?

people are going over the top on weddings these days.  i just talked to two very close friends of mine.  one is going to spend around 450 thousand while the other estimates her wedding cost to be close to 520 thousand.  and then i heard that one of my officemates is spending over a million on her wedding.  OMG!  is it that expensive to get married?

i don't want to be a hypocrite.  i am also dreaming of a nice wedding.  i've never had a grand celebration in my entire life.  i didn't have a grand debut party when i turned 18.  i thought it was a waste of money.  but i don't think i can say the same for my wedding.  i want it to be elegant.  

i know that what happens after the wedding is more important than the wedding itself.  i don't want to spend so much on the wedding and then end up in debts after because we have spent all of our savings for a one day event.  but i don't want to be a pauper on my wedding.  i want to feel like a princess on that special day. 

i am not asking for too much.  i want a small wedding.  few people who are there to celebrate with me not just mere spectators.  i just hope that we can save up enough so i can have the wedding that i want.  simple, small, and elegant.

how about you, how much are you willing to spend on your wedding?

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