Tuesday, September 14, 2010

bitter pill as vitamins

i am not a religious person but i try to be a good christian.  emphasis on the word "try" since it takes a lot to be a good christian and i have to admit that i don't exert as much effort as i ought to.  anyway, i attended a bible study this morning and bitterness was the focus of the lesson.  

i.am.a.bitter.person.  i have so much "imbyerna" in my body.  imbyerna is a local term for something to the effect of being dramatically annoyed.  i get pissed easily.  i get annoyed by the slightest distraction.  it seems that i have mistaken bitter pills for vitamins.

i guess my gender is one of the contributing factors why my "imbyerna" mode is always on.  women are known to over-analyze everything.  i'm a mad woman.  i always think about the ulterior motive.  i don't take things at face value.  i always try to think about infinity...and beyond... lol!

i also think that it's because i am exposed to so much negativity that it became a part of my system.  i harbor ill feelings toward anything under the sun.  what a trite expression - anything under the sun.

geez, i have been posting one negative entry after another.  i hope i can write something light and refreshing next time.  


  1. There is time for everything in this world. Taking things at face value can be a valuable exercise too :)

  2. haha! your comment made me smile. being a little less paranoid and taking things at face value would be healthier. :)

  3. indeed, it takes a lot to be a real Christian. I'm still trying too, don't know if I will succeed :)