Saturday, October 9, 2010

against all odds

my bf and i got into some kind of a fight last night.  my friend texted me about wanting to introduce me to someone.  unfortunately, my bf saw the text message and of course he immediately felt bad.  it was an awful situation.  i was prepared to have a date night with him because it was a friday but the night turned sour.

i don't know what my friend was thinking.  she knew i was in a relationship and she even met my bf.  i knew that she wasn't as enthusiastic about him but i did not expect her to behave like that.  i understand her.  i know that she is looking out for me.  just like my mom who does not like my bf as well.  

i know they would love him because he really is good-natured but they don't know that.  their primary concern is how good of a provider he will be in the future.  he's not irresponsible i can say that.  but i don't know how to say it but i agree that his earning capacity is not that impressive.  he can earn money but not enough, not at par with how much i earn that is.

anyway, my bf felt awful until this morning.  i wanted to be as patient would him as i can but this morning i snapped at him.  i understand that he felt bad but i don't want him to take it out on me.  

everything is ok now.  i know that he would still think about it.  i want them to be in good terms so i would have to come up with a good lie to cover for my friend.  i understand them both.  

things will get better i know.  i still have high hopes that eventually my bf will be successful and all these question about him would be put to rest.

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